the audits are coming, the audits are coming..



Over the years, I've averaged 1 client a year that got
audited (out of 400 clients). In the last week, 2 of my
clients have called to say they're getting audited for 2002
and one is getting audited for 2001. All are self-employed.
The 2 being audited for 2002 are at opposite ends of the
scale -- 1 had a $6,000 business loss on about $15,000 gross
schedule C income; the other has a $60,000+ profit on
$168,000 gross schedule C income.

Just wondering if anyone else is seeing this increase (I
actually expected it with the new SB/SE division of the IRS
-- I just didn't expect it for my clients!)

Also, why does the IRS have to schedule these audits during
tax season?

Jan Zobel EA
Oakland, CA


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