The backup failed to install in another PC



I have free copy from the net of accounting 2009 on my pc but now i have
vires so i am traying to get a backup to another pc.
First i take a copy from the program to the another pc and the last backup
of data i have and the company files and i try to install the company he
refused and i found a message saying that this file created on a nother pc.
So what i do the pc who i create every thing on it and had all the data
almost damege i need help.
B. Regards.




I'm not an expert, Hany, and I may not be fully understanding what you have
already attempted. But I would: 1) on PC 2, download from the net Accounting
2009 and set up the company 2) insert the disk or flash drive with the
Back-Up from PC1 3) On PC 2, overlay the back up using the Restore feature.
(On MS Office Acctg Pro 2008, this would be under File > Utilities > Data
Utilities > Backup (browse to find the disk or flash drive with the back up
file), Restore (to the company on PC 2)




You need to update Office Accounting 2009 to the latest updates before you
can restore the backup to a new company file and open it. I had to do this on
my new Windows 7 twice, when I first got it and whe I restored the OS after
the OS got bugged down with unnecessary files I transfered to it from my XP
Pro via Easy Transfer.

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