The contractor market needs to be re-kindled to get us out of recession



The contractor market needs to be re-kindled to get us out of recession

One reason why recession is never ending is the need to
re-kindle contractor market. Only by re-kindling contractor
market can people move from job to job on short job
related tasks and get the economy moving again.

More money changes hands as experts meet those
wanting a good service for short periods and
they are willing to pay for the excess it
costs to make it happen.

Currently it can't happen as 100,000 contractors
upped and left UK over double taxation.

Its not the job of the tax man or any arm of
government to impose their will on contractors
selectively as some sort of vendetta against the free
movement of people, jobs and money, because what this
vendetta like double taxation is doing is keeping experts out of the
contracting market and creating a stagnant
economy where companies can't join all the dots to make
commercial products and become world players
and employ more people because there are not
enough experts moving around between companies
mopping up all the tiny issues that hold up projects
and making that final sale happen to get orders
and create more jobs.


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