The Shaw Trust charity is stopping ESA.

Discussion in 'UK Tax Credits and Benefits' started by Niteawk, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. Niteawk

    Niteawk Guest

    I finally got confirmation as to why I am not getting ESA as awarded to me
    by tribunal.

    The Shaw Trust which is a charity dedicated to improving peoples lives and
    wellbeing saw fit to report me to the DWP for failing to attend 2
    appointments with them, and apparently I did not contact them to explain why
    I did not attend, which is a complete fabrication as I have phone records
    that say otherwise.

    I will sue them as soon as I can get some form of legal representation pro
    bono, CAB or whatever. Small claims even, one way or another they will have
    to explain why they are causing problems like this which is completely the
    opposite of what they say they are doing to help people.

    In particular I would like them to explain how they are helping people by
    leaving them with no money to live on. A fair question I think given the

    And before anyone says it is not the ST that stopped my ESA, that is true.
    It was their report to the DWP that has caused this. Its funny how they
    won't write to me now that I am officially in the WRAG and have been awarded
    the ESA component.

    The whole thing stinks.
    Niteawk, Apr 8, 2010
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