The transaction cannot be reconciled



I'm running MOAP 2009 on WinXP.

I get this error when I click Reconcile or Finish Later.

The transaction cannot be reconciled because it has already been reconciled
for the bank.

So I'm stuck with the reconcile window open. My reconciled Difference is
$0.00. Note that I did attempt to reconcile and failed. I then selected all
unreconciled items, cleared all the selected items, and went back through the
usual steps to reconcile. This time I did get it right so I'm finished if
only I could complete the reconciliation.

This article is about this issue but applies to MOA 2007 so I don't want to
use the hotfix on my MOAP 2009.

Article Cause 3 or 4 might well apply or maybe even another could apply.

I could use some help pretty quick.




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