"there has been an error reading or writing the file"


Scott B.

I have been having numerous problems lately with my Mny delux 2005. 1.
portfolio does not show correct "Market Value" of most securities most of the
time, 2. Lines listing securities on portfolio manager are duplicated and
change upon being floated over by the mouse curser and 3. the program blows
out after displaying the error message, "there has been an error reading or
writing the file" after folowing the intructions at:
to "Troubleshoot incorrect account balances" by "Reveal[ing] a hidden
transaction by using the Account Transactions report."
I have read:
but, as you know it was no help and I have attempted to correct the problems
with the file repair features but it didn't help either. Any other
suggestions? Thanks.

Pentium 4 3.06GHz
738 MB of RAM
Microsoft Money 2005 Delux Version
MS Money user since about 1998


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