Think I will be staying with Money2004 for good...


Chris Williams

Just to throw my two cents in on all this money2007 stuff. It looks like
MS doesn't care about users of older versions of money. With all the changes,
I think they just hope to pick up new customers who don't know any better.
Based on what I have read...I won't even bother trying a trial of 2007.
Granted the other software out there in the personal finance space isn't
that great, at least I have a decent version of money with 2004.





Money 2004 was the last best version of Money to be sure. When Money
2005 dropped I tried it for about a week and then moved to Quicken
2005. I'm on Q2006 now and will be upgrading to Q2007 in about a week.
It's a shame though, because M2004 was a nice piece of software and
Microsoft ruined the franchise after it.

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