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Spouse lost job back in Aug. of last year and has not had much income to
speak of. We joined up with a credit counseling or debit managment
company who got us reduced payment on most of our bills except for car
loans. We rent. We are behind on rent by a couple weeks, we are behind
of our 2 vehicle payments by about 2 months each. I am stopping the
payment to debt management company to help pay rent and car payment, so
i will have those creditors all over me shortly.

Dont know how long it will take before i can get the cash to file BK but
in the mean time...if they come and repo 1 or both vehicles will it be
worse than putting them into BK, we will actually need them to work so
hate to see them be repo'ed. I am afraid they will come for 1 soon.

Just looking for input, advice, comments.

We are in FL, near Tampa. Hate the thoughts of having to consider this
but options are about over....more debt per month than income.

Thanks Folks !!

P.S. Spouse got hurt at work so that is why we lost good income, court
date with possible settlement maybe between $5,000 and 10,000 maybe
around time of filing what happens to that after attorney gets his 1/3.


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