Thinking about swtiching to Office Accounting



I'm a small business owner and we're thinking about switching to Office
Accounting Pro 2008. Is this a Quickbooks replacement? I just purchased
Profitcents, a web-based financial analysis program and I can import my
financial info from Excel and QB. Can Accounting Pro export to Excel or
Profitcents or Quickbooks?

I posted this in another forum, but I guess I was in the wrong place.





You can also export to XLM. There is a button that allows you to choose
various options, generally company lists, but it might export data that

However, almost anything can be exported to Excel.

Also, keep in mind that these lists tend to be used for tech support, and
that the vast majority (of my clients) have little or no problems with Office
Accounting. Microsoft is doing a wonderful job of providing online tech
support; their techs monitor these newsgroups.

Also, Micorosoft has plenty of online training for this program PLUS lots of
"hints & tips" that are constantly created.


WB Engineering

My friend I hope I cought youu on time. If you are using Quickbooks or
Peachtfree stay there. They are very rubust programs but more inportant the
technical support is out of this worls. MS sucks!


Your post is biased and unsupported. Had you provided facts as to why MS

You can export anything into excel from OA (Office Accounting).

I run my business on OA and moved from Quickbooks. QB keeps adding features
on top of features. OA was build from the ground up with most of the modern
features build in... Emailing, Word/Excel Exports, PayPal.

I have worked with all of the major SMB accounting packages and I chose OA.
It is simple and clean and uniform looking. I really like the merge to
word/email makes it easy to send invoices. Last time I used QB they didnt
have this feature, you had to buy an add-on (I am sure they have it now, but
was 2 years ago) or use thier addon and are forced to use thier templates
which were ugly.

Steve Wofford
P. (949) 743-0233


Steve, Every one is entitled to an opinion. My opinion is that OA is
not a recommendable accounting solution. You are right that OA was
"build from the ground up with most of the modern features build in".
Unfortunately some basic accounting functionality was left out.
Specifics have been posted here many times but I will repeat some. In
Enter Bills, the program increments that last document number by one
and populates the field regardless of the vendor name. It is
extremely rare that one would have sequential document numbers even
from the same vendor. Credit memos from vendors are netted into an
invoice and not displayed separately on the check voucher.

The ugly QB templates are editable and do print in ones life time.






Thanks for you response. I think putting blanket statements like this is
dangerous. One application that may not work for one company may for
another. The original post did not support thier claims. It is important to
support your opinions so you might help someone as opposed to just being
angry w/o explanation.

With anything you have to evaluate your needs and go from there.

You also must remember this is a Small Business accounting package. Many
features are left out to make it easier to use. For instance, the problems
you mention have no effect on our business. However, some businessed do
things a certain way and might have to change when switching accounting
packages. This is going to happen with any software suite.

One of the main reasons I switched was the emailing functionallity left out
by QB a few years ago. They forced you to email through one of the HTML
templates on thier servers. I had a problem with the requirement to send
invoice via email through one of thier server and you could not customize
it. I am sure this has changed since, but is also why I do not bash software
as things change and everyones needs are differant.

Also, OA is getting better with each release. They also offer the Express
for free, which is a compelling reason for a small business to use thier
package, assuming it meets thier needs.

Steve Wofford

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