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John M. Griffing

I was running MOA 2008 Pro with BCM integration with the Report Add-In for
BCM activated. Once I upgraded to 2009 and tried to re-activate the Report
Add-In, I get the message: "This name is already in use. Please use a unique
Telephone support had me detach the database and re-attach it but the
problem did not get resolved. The very nice C.S. person said she would have
to close the case as there was no workaround available at the present time
and if I wanted to access reports I would just have to do so from within MOA
and not BCM.

I unfortunately upgraded directly over 2008 and cannot go back.

Has anyone had this upgrade error and been able to fix it?




Yes I had the same error. Unfortunately I haven been able to fix it yet. My
PayPal Addin seems to work, but it didn't install as an addin in Word.

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