This Operation Cannot Be Performed


Mehul Parekh

This Operation Cannot Be Performed. This is the constant
message that I am getting from Microsoft. I turn on Money
and I get that message after I sign on. I get it whenever
I come to the front page. I get it whenever I try to
select a transaction that I have already put into Money.
What is extremely wierd is that I am able to use it to
some extent. I can download statements and put them into
Money but for every transaction I accept there is a error
message. Now, it restarts right after I end Money and
wants me to send a error report. Which, if I do, then it
freezes my computer.
This all started in the last 3-4 days. Really wierd. I
dont know if its a virus or whats going on.
Any help at all would be appreciated. If you could cc
your reply to (e-mail address removed), that would be great.
Thanks again.
Mehul P.



Joel Heckman

I used to get that message, I checked my data files, (See
help corrupt files) and it fixed it after that.



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