Time entry description field



When entering a time event, I need the description field to hold far more
info, which will also display fully on the invoice. Can this data field be
modified by someone?



Lance [MSFT]

I tried an experiment on my test company to see if it is possible to show the
time entry description on the invoice lines.

What I found is that if the service being invoiced had a sales description,
then the description on the invoice line for the time entry gets set to the
service's sales description, but if the service item does not have a sales
description, then invoice line's description gets set to the description from
the time entry.

The time entry form cannot be modified to show more of the description, but
it can hold longer text than it shows and whatever portion is not shown on
the time entry screen is still copied to the invoice.

So, in conclusion, if you open your service item and clear out the sales
description and save the service item, the invoice form should then show the
time entry descriptions when you invoice time entries.

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Very curious. My version (most current SP) works differently. First, having
a sales description doesn't have any effect on the invoice line item
description; that is, it doesn't if you use the "create invoice" from the
time entries list (which lets you include as many time entries as you like.
BUT, the description in the time entry form and the line item description on
the invoice match: about 250 characters, no more. One of the MUCH used
features of QB for me is an unlimited amount of space on time entries, which
in turn shows up in the invoice line item description. Not to mention, the
service date is one of the columns!

Still looking for a solution.

Bill Ball


Yes. This makes MS Accounting Professional a much poorer solution for a
service company that prides itself on detailed invoicing. Our customers are
willing to pay a premium for our service but want to see detail on the
invoice. For years we have received rave reviews on our invoicing. Frankly,
this level of detail stinks. It is virtually useless to me.

We looked at MS SBA two years ago and dumped it in favor of QB2005 for just
the same reason. I was hoping that MS Accounting Pro had resolved this issue
by now.


What I really want to include on the invoice is the Comments field from the
Time Entry.


Robert Lindley, CEO of Innovative Systems has solved this and it works great.
He's written a SQL script that IN FACT copies the comments field (virtually
unlimited in size) to the invoice description line! So you can click a button
in an Outlook calendar item and make it billable, then click the button to
create the time entry, and voila. Only caveat is if the detail in the
calendar entry exceeds 256 characters you have to copy/paste it into the
comments field in the time entry (assuming you use Outlook for this feature,
which I do). Here's the link to his blog:






Thanks. I found the same blog just moments ago, but haven't had time to test
it yet. Glad to hear your positive feedback. We will implement that in the

Lon Orenstein

I've done it and it works great. One weird thing is that when you look at
the invoice on the screen, you don't see the whole description until you
hover your mouse over the description field. But, it's there.


Lon Orenstein
pinpointtools, llc
(e-mail address removed)
Author of Outlook 2007 Business Contact Manager For Dummies
Author of the eBook: Moving from ACT! to Business Contact Manager



William Burnett

The point is that the MOA team refuses to implement the most basic features
and isntead we the users have to keep a 10 page book of workarounds.

How many small business owners do you think have the ability to dig around
in SQL server or customize queries to get basic data on an invoice. The
entire concept flies in the face of the same business model that MS
constantly pushes.

This accounting package is a joke and is getting no better with each
release. It does not have the most basic features that a small business needs
and yet has to be hacked and programmed like big box one-off software.

But hey we all have broken paypal features to smile at now!

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