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We will soon be backing up our server via online remote backup, and
since this service is usually highly expensive, we want to purge our
server of any unnecessary data. Unfortunately, our TimeSlips directory
on the server has a number of documents with filenames so
nondescriptive that we cannot tell whether they are necessary or not.
I would call TimeSlips, but they charge 5 dollars a minute (50 dollars
minimum) for support calls.

Can anyone help me determine whether the following TimeSlips files are
necessary to keep and backup? These are only the most offensive files,
over 20 MB each:

1) vTemp.103, a "103 file," 202 MB.
2) vTemp.102, a "102 file," 158 MB.
3) 022205.bku, a "BKU file," 45 MB.
4) vTemp.101, a "101 file," 20 MB.

I would greatly appreciate any help.

Tyler Snow
(e-mail address removed) (I check this email all the time, so I will get your
response - I gave the account this name for obvious reasons).


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