Timmings of Store operation



We are supermarket chain and our retail working hours are from 8.00 am in to
1.00 am (19 or 20 hrs Dialy ofcourse with Staff shifts) in Middle east
we have actually altered Date & time properties by 3 hrs so that it would
reflect as single day .

But doing so is causing lot of issues with customers getting a bill with a
time difference of 3hrs(inspite of mentioning in footer of Recipt) & we have
experiencing discrepancy in zz reports between SO & HQ

Is there any option in MRMS 1.3 version where we can define Morning 8.00 am
Midnight 2.00 am as single day.

thanks in advance




I (almost) had to deal with something like this a while ago. But instead of
changing the system time I thought about "just" subtracting X hours from the
transactions time in the reports. Of course, there are some tables that are
(daily) summary by design.
Not sure but I thought this might be worth investigating some more.




I understand why you would need this functionality as we have customers
whose sales "day" is 8 am to 1 am. We have modified a few reports, creating
them completely custom, so that they can filter not only by date, but time
as well. What are your pain points? Meaning what are you looking to be
able to report on during this time frame. If you are interested in learning
more about what we have done, and what we could do for you, please drop me
an email and we can discuss.

Thank you,
Ryan Sakry
Program Manager
Retail Information Technology Enterprises
(e-mail address removed)

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