tracking 529 accounts on Money


Mark R

Just opened two 529 accounts - the New York (through Vanguard) and the
T.Rowe Price. I can view both my positions by logging on to these sites,
but I can't find any info on downloading or keeping the daily price quotes
updated. Does anyone know if there is an automatic way to keep the quotes
updated on Money? Do these portfolios have ticker symbols? Do you
categorize them as mutual funds? Help!!!



John DeMastri

I have accounts with "The Education Plan," the NM plan which is also managed
by T Rowe Price. I categorize them as mutual funds, but the strategies in
these plans don't have a ticker symbol, and there's no automated way to keep
these in sync. I check every few days and manually update it. These are
the definition of long-term, buy-and-hold securities, so I'm less concerned
about that than if my other brokerage accounts were not automatically

- John



Mark Horn

That's what I figured too - thanks for the advice.
Except that you're getting yours through Vanguard, which offers
direct download through Money. I currently track a Vanguard Money
Market account through transaction download directly into Money.
Vanguard also offers OFX downloads from their website.

Unfortunately, I don't have my 529's with Vanguard. I have them
with American Funds. Before that I had my 529's with "The Education
Plan". Neither of those plans offer download into Money. What I
do is I go onto the website and show the transaction histories
and then manually create those transactions in my 529 accounts.
It's a pain, but it allows me to track the data.

But that *SHOULD* be irrelevant for you since Vanguard offers both
direct connection and OFX downloads:

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