USA Tracking employee pay, raises, and profit

Feb 15, 2020
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Hello everyone -

I manage a contract team and am also responsible for the account (not the actual accounting). Unfortunately, our accounting department is always busy and we don't currently have the means to somewhat accurately show profit off the contract. I'd also like to see projections based on raises I give out. Here's an example scenario:

We are promised x amount of dollars for a 1-year period (fixed price). There are y amount of employees with varying salaries. I want to be able to input all employees, their salary, their bill rate, the contract amount for the period and be able to track the profit and project the profit if I were to give someone a raise.

I'm fine with a spreadsheet with formulas or software...just something to give me a general idea on how we're doing. This will be used for hiring and pay raise decision making.

Thanks for any assistance!

Unrelated - good job on choosing XenForo for your forum software.



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May 12, 2011
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Your best option is to get an accountant from your company that has some Excel skills and have them build an Excel workbook (spreadsheet) for you that does what you want. This is best because you will probably want to modify/improve it over time and your spreadsheet designer is right there where you work. What you described should take no more than 20 minutes so this is not a huge imposition. Kick in a freebie lunch for them as an incentive.

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