Tracking Inventory of Saleable Assemblies (Kits?)



I'm new at MS Small Bus Acct. I see that there is a concept of 'kits' for
billing/invoicing. And I know I can track inventory of the raw materials
that comprise a kit. Is there a way of tracking completed kits that I have
in inventory? In other words, is there inventory tracking that follows the
assembly process of raw materials into saleable items and tells me not only
the amount of raw materials I have in inventory, but also the number of
completed assemblies (saleable items) that I have in inventory???



James [MS]

Not today. OA only supports Kits, the bundling of items sold as a set. It
does not support Assemblies, the conversion of subassembly inventory items
into new inventory items.

Craig StCr1

That's unfortunate. When creating a new company, one of the available
templates is 'Manufacturer' which lead me to believe there would be support
for Assemblies, since they are indispensable for accounting purposes.
QuickBooks supports sub-assembly hierarchies up to five levels deep.

Nevertheless, thank you for your prompt reply.


I have the exact same problem, it has been a while since you asked. I was
wondering how did you "fixed" this?



Craig StCr1

Microsoft isn't going to like this answer, but I fixed it by returning MS SBA
to where I bought it ( and I bought Quickbooks Wholesale and
Manuf. I would prefer using a solution that uses MS SQL Server, since I am
familiar with its administration, but the need for subassemblies out-weighed
the SQL Server consideration.

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