Transactions missing


Marc Auslander

Since "upgrading" to 2014, I've seen two missing transactions.

It's a capital one credit card which uses web connect. I use the
capital one - curent
server which gets the posted date correct - the standard server uses
the transaction date as the posted date and messes up reconcile.

The two missing transactions are both cash back credits.

I saw the second one fail. After download, it was in the downloaded
transactions list. When I accepeted all, it simple disappeared. It
is not included in the register balance. But it is sort of lurking
there. I reset dstart and did another download, and it did not
appear, which means it was "found" for the purposes of avoiding

The credit transaction for my last payment did appear in the register.

Anyone else seeing this?

(I've done all the standard stuff like validate. If I created a new
quicken file and download, they do show up in the register).


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