Transation sequence number issue



Happy new year everybody!!

I have a customer with this situation. his invoice must be sequentially he
can't skip a transaction number for his invoices, when a transaction is
aborted a number is skiped. i konw that one is not hard to fix but this is
the main issue when he do a return he need to have a differnt count numbers
than the transactions number for example when he sale something the
transation number 1545 is generated but is he return or do a store credit
the transaction number is 145 without affectin the secuence os the sale
transaction number. can be done?

the other problem is this when a recipt is generated and is more than 1 page
he need the sub total at the end of each page with the tax amount of the
item on the page

All Pc Inc.



Glenn Adams [MVP - Retail Mgmt]

The transaction numbering thing is not possible. You could add a
transaction comment to each transaction with the sequence number you want,
but the TransactionNumber is an identity and it is going to keep behaving
the way you have described - returns come out of the same pool as sales.
Workorders, Layaways and Quotes do come from a different table, but you
can't change the sequence just for returns...

You could crete an add-in that would automatically add a transaction comment
from whatever pool you want, but these would never match up to the
transactionNumbers within RMS and you would have to do a lot of work to be
able to search by your cuwstom numbering system.

I don't believe that you will be able to do a page total for receipts within
the RMS Receipt system, but you could write your own receipt printing
add-in. I don't know of any existing add-ins that might offer this type of
functionality, but you might want to try New West
( - I know they have an add-in that allows you to
print a captured signature on a receipt, which would be hard to do in the
RMS receipt format as well, so maybe they have already built an alternative.


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