Transfer item at HQ after the item has been sold



I have two stores and I 'd like to transfer items often. A manager from the
other store comes in and takes what she wants to take. She makes a list of
what she takes and gives it to me. She starts selling these items right away
at her store. I take the list and enter into the HQ once a week as a transfer
initiated by HQ.
My question is, does the qty at receiving store get messed up if I do the HQ
transfer after that item has been already sold?



Terrible Tom

The quantity may go -1 then back to zero after the transfer, but if the cost
has changed you won't be getting an accurate cost on your store ops
transaction table--and therefore on most of the sales reports...

Definitely better to do things in the proper order.





I never liked this aspect of RMS. It will not go back and change the costs
in the transaction tables - there should be a way to tell it an "as of" date
for transfers and received POs so that reporting can be correct. There is
plenty of reason in business to sell things as soon as they come in. I don't
want an adminstrative process to slow down sales (tail wagging the dog).

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