transfer money program to a new computer



i need to transfer money 2003 to a new computer using xp
my old computer uses millenium can i just copy it?



Douglas Pommering

You need to burn the actual .mny source file onto a CD-R. This means you
have it outside of either computer.

Once you get your new computer, the first question is "are you running the
EXACT same version of Money you had on your old computer?"

If so (if the SAME Money program is installed on both, you need to copy the
..mny file from the CD-R into your new computer and make SURE you put it into
"My Documents" under YOUR identity (documents and settings\your name\My
Documents). Then click on the file and it will open right up just like on
the old machine. Then, you will have to decide where to save the hard drive
backup you should be routinely using--the filepath from the old machine
might be wrong on your new one and you want it in the same "My Documents"
folder as the source file you routinely use so that the Windows identity
system protects it as well.

If you have a more recent version of Money on your new machine, copy the
..mny Money file from CD-R as described above to the same location. Make
sure you do this AFTER you have opened the new money. Then, click file, go
to where the old money file has been placed and click on it, then on open.
The more recent version of money should update your source file from your
old computer and then open it right up. Prepare to be impressed if, for
example, you're jumping from Money 2001 OEM to Money 2003 Deluxe!!!.

And, above all, remember to back up to a floppy every two weeks without
fail. If your Money file is sufficiently large, you might need more than
one floppy, which Money is designed to handle with no problem.

Good luck.

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