Transfering data to new computer


Oleg Musaev

I am using Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2008

I need to import my company data (via backup file) on to a new computer.I
restored the company data on my new computer but when I try to open the
company file, I get a message "The company you are trying to open was
created with a later version of Office Accounting than the currently
installed version. Please upgrade Office Accounting before opening this

The Home comp version 3.0.8627.1. and Home 2 new comp. version 3.0.8231.0.

The file is upgraded from 3.0.8231.0. to 3.0.8627.1. - it is OK, bat a
need to read the backup file from version 3.0.8627.1. to version 3.0.8231.0.
for new computer or send me link for upgrade version Office accounting
computer to 3.0.8627.0.

Can someone help?

Thanks in advance.





Solving a Problem

Dear Jesper:

After playing around in Accounting Express 2007, I clicked on "Restore Back"
in the Accounting Data Tools. I am able to open my file, the only problem,
is I forgot to save my data in back up. How do I save my data in back up?


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