transferring program and data to new computer



What is the easiest way to transfer both the program and
the data files for money 99 (running on an old computer
with windows 95) to a new computer using windows xp
professional? this is really about the only thing I would
like to transfer from the old to the new machine. does
anyone have a simple solution to this? My computer skills
are marginal at best.

any help would be appreciated.


R. B.



Dick Watson

You will have no choice but to reinstall the application from the original
CD. Transfer your .MNY data file the same way you transferred any other data
file: network, zip drive, burn a CD-ROM, etc. The last and worst choice when
all else has failed is to use Money backup to floppy.

Your computer skills can't be that marginal--even though you use AOL you
found your way here and there isn't even a keyword! Many AOL users never get
that far.

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