Transfers, categories & budgets



Is there any way to assign a category to a transfer? I
want to include recurring transfers in my budget, but
Money just lumps them all together.



Dick Watson

Transfers aren't categorized since they are not expenses or income.

For what you want, perhaps you want to set some accounts to not be included
in Budget Planner in account Details. Then these will show up as transfers
out of budget accounts.




Yes! I get it now! The accounts you include in your budget are the ones that
you can take money out of, the ones you DONT include are the ones that you
can put money into, or transer into from your major income accounts. So, on
the budget page you can edit the accounts that are going to be used to
transfer into by simply deselecting them! Then money will automatically set
up those transfers for you if you have them entered in you bill summary

Thanks Dick Watson!

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