"Transfers" in Income & Spending Reports (How to reclassify?)



Money 2005 Small Business

The principal amount of my car loan payments for 2005
equals $3,844.01

In the Reports it under the Transfers report title of "Transfers" as Car
Loan Payments for $3844.01

Personally, I would prefer that the amount be shown as Automobile Expenses -
Car Principal Payments. (Yes, as an accountant, I know that loan payments
are not an expense but the "Transfer" Debit would make more sense under Car
Principal Payments)

How do I "Credit" the "Transfer" amount and "Debit" Automobile Expense
within the Money system?



Dick Watson

You don't since "loan payments are not an expense."

If you are intent, delete the loan account and just expense them in the
first place.

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