Transition from Fleet to B of A



Has anyone had trouble with Lead Time being unavailable after the June
transition from Bank of America - Formerly Fleet to Bank of America - All
other states? When writing on-line checks, the date field no longer shows
ASAP, but enters today's date. I then get an annoying message each time I
enter a check. When I look at my On-Line Payee List, the Lead Time column
contains "Unavailable*" for each payee.

*Lead time not provided by Bank of America - All other states

When I talked to technical support on the phone, they said I was the first
to bring this up. They then determined that they do not provide lead times
and that this is how it is suppose to be. It seems unlikely that if they
did this to all of Massachusetts, I would be the first to call about it.

If this is how it should be, is there a way to set the lead time from
within Quicken?

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I'm not sure if this is what you mean, and I don't have the program open to
check, but when you set up bills, there is a "How many days in advance" type
option in Quicken.


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