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Mar 25, 2021
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United States
So after a domino effect of me discovered being financially f*ed over left and right I am here with my tuition bill from school. When I look at it I want to say I was either overcharged and billed twice for some thing or they didn’t apply payment I made in the bill so I have tried explaining and it’s like they’re just know they’re not accepting it they’re focused on a completely different issue of the bill which I was even I don’t even care about bit it’s funny it’s like there’s so many issues still but I just can’t articulate it anyway I was wondering if anyone would mind just looking over for me it’s not more than three pages pretty spaced out. I was tryna see if anyone could help me so I feel because I feel this point I might be seeing something that’s like not there maybe because everyone’s acting like I’m crazy but I see... it’s there. I’m crazy, but not that type of crazy. And preferably explain it to me so I can understand what I’m trying to say


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