TurboTax02-Has there been a activation free version



I recall reading that a version of TurboTax 2002 was going to be available
that did not include any of the C-dilla activation software. I checked the
website, all I see is an activation code that anyone can use for a copy of
2002. The version updates itself online to include an uninstaller. That is
fine for now, but what if I reload it in a couple of years and there site
no longer upgrades the version to include the uninstaller? There is no way
for me to back up an installable version with the uninstaller as it is a
patch applied to an installed version.

I had read some time ago that there would be a version available for
download that did not have any of this activation business. That could be
downloaded & backed up for future use.

Does anyone know the details about this?





Call Intuit. I received my free federal & state in November.

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