Turnaround Management

Discussion in 'Bankruptcy' started by Ramu, Oct 8, 2009.

  1. Ramu

    Ramu Guest

    I have realized that uncovering hidden value in unique, different or
    “off the beaten path” assets might make the difference between a
    successful turnaround and a complete business failure.

    In the role as Turnaround Manager, I am eager to juggle three balls --
    a bankruptcy ball, a process ball and a company in free fall -- and
    maintain an excruciating focus on the value creation drivers (buy
    right, restructure well, run well).

    My goal is to sharpen my out of the box thinking and hands-on
    experience in regards to the following:

    * How to monetize, capitalize and leverage assets often thought of as
    * Managing human capital aimed at revitalizing distressed businesses
    for near-term viability and long-term improvement

    I am committed to learning from the current financial crisis and
    humbly contribute to the building of a stronger America.

    Thanks for any pointers regarding how to identify potential job
    opportunities in the world of distressed asset investing where there
    is also a TURNAROUND and ENTREPRENEURIAL focus.

    Ramu Iyer
    Ramu, Oct 8, 2009
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