Turning off the rounding feature on HP 12c



Hi all,

I'm here because I know very little about the 12C.

I just had the batteries changed and when it came back up, it's
rounding all numbers entered to the nearest whole number (integer)

I don't know how to get it back to where I had it (to recognized two
decimal places)

I basically use this calculator to do my bills.

Can someone please respond with the keystroke sequence to get me back
to normal. (my normal)






Press the gold "f" key, followed by the number of decimals desired
(0-9). "Gold f" 2 will give you 2 decimals for your bills.




By the way:
- You can't turn rounding "on" or "off", you can only set the number
of digits.
- This affects only the DISPLAY, the values are NOT rounded
- To actually round a value you must perform a calculation. I believe
the formula is explained in the owner's manual; I used to know the
formula but have forgotten, still have my manual but can't locate it
right now.

It's a great calculator. I've been using it since about 1976. Don't
lose the manual - the handy formulae printed on the back of the
calculator will wear off after about 20 years, so you'll need to refer
back to the manual.

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