TV Property shows


Peter Saxton

anyone for an ostrich farm?
Some relatives of my wife opened an ostrich farm in Poland. They
closed it down a few months later because nobody wanted to buy



Richard Faulkner

M Holmes said:
As far as TV goes, a reduction in consumerism
means I'd bet on a boom in gardening, cooking and DIY programmes.
They're cheap to make and they involve people doing stuff at home
instead of going out to buy things.
Wow! Not more?? I thought we had already had the boom in gardening,
cooking and DIY.


The chuckle brothers have just been on doing a house renovation spoof



Watching theseTV property shows that seem to be on every channel
these days of people going to Sunny climes and buying huge houses,
loads of and, pools, etc for about tuppence made me wonder... I
wonder if there are TV programmes in the US, Spain, Greece, Oz, etc
where those fed up with sunshine, cheap house prices, etc, dream of
coming to wet, grey UK and buying a ridiculously over-priced house!??
You mean you've never been on holiday in Spain and flicked through the
channels to catch an episode of "A Place in the Rain"? It's quite big
out there, apparently.



M Holmes

Richard Faulkner said:
Wow! Not more?? I thought we had already had the boom in gardening,
cooking and DIY.
When we have a game show involving a triathalon of the three, then
Glasshoppah, it will be time for you to leave...



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