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Jun 6, 2019
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United States

I have gone to college for Accounting and completed the coursework for my Bachelors Degree in Public Accounting. I had struggled with shyness and at a few accounting jobs I was struggling with socializing and I think I found out why.

In my past I had been on a TV Show because me and my family needed to talk about what was going on at home. We traveled to New York City, NY to talk on this TV Show. When we got there, I, at 11 years old, was separated from my mother, and instructed to act bad in various way and offered cigarettes. As they did this to me, asking me nothing else, they sent me out on stage to act this way where I was severely punished. After this punishment, and very little conversation, they just sent me home. This TV Show was all about ratings I guess. After this TV Show I could barely talk to people in school and it caused me problems for years.

I am happy to have gone to school for accounting as it has made me a much better person.

I look forward to a great career in accounting.

Does anyone else have any stories like this?


Oct 27, 2016
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United States
At age 11 you were offered cigarettes .... on television no less ? What the hell kind of immoral show was that ? Dang, if that happened today they should be reported to some sort of ethics board or industry commission.

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