Typical Quicken Chat Support Session



Thought I'd show a typical chat session with Quicken support:

10:28:43 AM System Welcome Al ...
10:28:45 AM System Connecting to server. Please wait...
10:28:45 AM System Connected to quicken.ehosts.net
10:28:45 AM System Session ID: 274246
10:28:45 AM System Initial Question/Comment: Instructions for
eliminating a linked checking account do not work
10:29:17 AM System Brian has joined this session!
10:29:21 AM Brian Welcome to Quicken chat. I've reviewed the brief
issue summary you provided. Could you provide specific details to
help me better understand your situation?
10:30:43 AM You I want to eliminate my linked checking accounts. The
instructions for this say:
10:30:45 AM You In the Account Bar on the left side of the Quicken
window, click the account name for an investment account for which
there is an existing linked checking account. If the account Summary
page is not displayed, click the Summary tab.
Quicken opens the account Summary page for this account.
In the account Summary page, under Account Attributes, click Edit
Account Details.
Quicken opens the Account Details dialog.
If necessary, click the General Information tab.
For the Show cash in a linked checking account option, click No.
Quicken transfers all cash transactions into the investment account's
transaction list and deletes the existing linked checking account.

10:31:04 AM You However, there is no options for "Show cash in a
linked checking account"
10:31:14 AM You How can I make that option appear?
10:31:16 AM You Thanks
10:33:48 AM Brian I apologize for the inconvenience however, we at
chat Support are not trained on the Investment part of Quicken as this
support is provided over live Phone Support. I suggest you to please
contact our Investment Support Number for the same. Would you like me
to provide you the number where you can call for the same?
10:34:41 AM You Brian, you are joking, right?
10:35:00 AM You OK, here'
10:35:22 AM You here's a question for you that is not related to the
investing part of Quicken.
10:35:37 AM You I want to export transactions from one account to
10:35:52 AM You The only file format available for exporting is QIF.
10:36:25 AM You But when I try to import from the QIF file, I am told
that Quicken no longer allows QIF file import.
10:36:28 AM You So how do I do it?
10:40:28 AM Brian I am sorry, from Quicken 2005 onwards, we cannot
import a QIF file format in Quicken as it is not supported from
Quicken 2005 onwards
10:41:47 AM Brian I suggest you to please contact our Investment
Support over the Phones so that they may provide you any work around,
if possible.
10:42:17 AM You But surely you must know how to export from one
account and import to another?
10:44:01 AM Brian Well, if you are asking about Exporting
transactions and importing amongst Checking Account, it is not
possible, however, I am not sure, if there is any work around possible
for the Investments accounts or not


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