U.S. Citizen seeking help with practicing Acct in another country

Apr 8, 2012
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I am currently seeking information regarding international accounting, and would like to network through this forum.

Right now I'm working on a Masters degree in Accountancy. The program should take 1.5 years to complete.

I would also like to entertain the thought of practicing accounting in another country. I am aware there are many differences in GAAP and IFRS. As I would like to keep this option open, I want to direct my courses of study to areas that I can apply to international accounting. What opportunities will I have upon graduation? Which countries offer citizenship for accountants or which countries have a high demand for english speaking accountants? I would also like to learn a foreign language and would like for it to be useful in my career.

I have found this thread which was of some help... the thread explains that acquiring a CPA is a waste of time if I will be leaving the US.


I am very appreciative of any help from members of this forum. Thank you.


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