UK based account to spend US dollars abroad?



Hi all, I'm looking for a fee-free account (if possible, or the next best
option in lieu of no fees) to spend US dollars on debit / credit card where
I can transfer in US dollars to the account from a UK based US dollar
savings account.

Anyone know of any off the top of their heads? It's not a standard question
I know.

I'm not really looking for a UK based US current account (I know where to
get those - Citibank, for instance), I just want to spend some dollars in
the US from my US dollar savings account (which doesn't provide me with US
access, so am looking at an inbetweener account whereby I can transfer the
funds to spend it from - perhaps ideally nothing with an overdraft or
anything other than a cash card).

I know that I can transfer money from my US dollar savings account to my UK
current account and spend the balance in the US, but that would be defeating
the whole object of saving in dollars - i.e., I'd need to pay the exchange
rate when transferring the money backwards and forwards - hence the ultimate
account I'm searching for would be fee-free).

Immense thanks to anyone who can help me find what I'm after - its a bit of
a hard one to formulate a google search for!


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