UK - Career change to Finance/Accountancy - really could do with your help!!

Aug 15, 2012
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Hi all,

Mid-thirties guy here looking to switch from I.T. (career to date) to Finance/Accountancy. After much research I'm struggling to pick the right route.
Before you ask, I do not enjoy I.T. these days and Finance/Accountancy seems like a good career choice.
My research to date has be to thoroughly understand:
1) The demand and job security of the Accountancy profession.
2) The role and security of Financial Advising/Planning.
3) The CIMA and ACCA qualifications.

Firstly, I have an interest in personal finance and therefore thought being an IFA would be the ticket, however I do not want a sales position and (having researched) found that it is just that. I do not see a Paraplanner as a career for me either. I see the role of an accountant as very secure career with good job prospects. I took great time to deliberate between the ACCA and CIMA qualifications. I went with the ACCA as it provided greater options (i.e. both practice and industry). I studied a couple of the papers (entry level) but found aspects of the qualification less interesting (in this case 'costing' ) and therefore I knew I wouldn't stick it out. I still feel Finance is the right route as I like book-keeping, and keeping figures in check, but wish to achieve a greater level than this.

So here I am again. I would like to ask you guys if you know of a position that meets my criteria (below):
1) The role is in demand, common place, and has good progression (exactly like an accountant).
2) Is like an end-user role - i.e. you are employed by a company and you receive a normal salary each month.
3) It is not a sales based role.
4) Qualifications are required so not just anyone can do it. This will also demonstrate the higher salary deserved to undertake such a role.
5) A role where common activities are to save money but like personal finance (investment, tax, etc..) not like stock depreciation, etc..
6) The qualification taken is focused on the area in question because if some modules are not focused towards the end result/role then I would lose interest (i.e. want to do tax role but some modules are focused on management, and visa versa).

Can anyone point me in the right direction?
I am considering the tax route as this has elements of personal finance, has specific lower then higher qualifications (so has progression), will always be in demand (so secure), and commands a good salary.

Apologies for the long post but wanted to give you a good grounding as I really need your help!!
Thanks in advance.


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