UK UK Corporation Tax filing

Sep 26, 2018
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United Kingdom
I am a qualified accountant working for a small company - we have been paying our accountants to prepare and file our stat accounts and corporation tax comps but to be honest its taking me more time to chase them than it would to actually prepare them myself. Does anyone have experience of filing their own accounts/tax comps?

I feel like I can easily produce the accounts/comps but I am a bit confused as to what I would need to do to file them. Looks like I need some kind of software - any recommendations for something cheap and cheerful.

From my investigations is seems I could pay someone to do the iXBRL tagging on my files - but then I still need some software to do the actual filing to HMRC. The alternative is to get some software which does the tagging and filing. Any thoughts on which is better/cheaper? Also do I need to be set up as a tax agent to file corporation tax comps?



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