UK Ltd with German resident full-time staff?

Mar 21, 2010
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Hi All,

I'm new to the forums; but have done a lot of searching; I couldn't find this case covered.

I'm currently a full-time employee but want to register a company for a new venture (which may involve leaving my full-time job) - However I am a full-time employee of a German company, and resident in Germany (However a born-and-bred-brit)

Specifically my query relates to such things as German health-care which can run to something like €600,- per month; also pension and insurance. And, as my own sole employee, isn't it kind of strange to pay German taxes (as I'm a resident) but work for a UK company - but maybe some of you can advise me better?

If there are any accountants qualified for this kind of work; I'll almost certainly hire you because with almost zero experience in such matters I could easily get this very, very wrong!


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