Unable to access data in Accounting 2009 Express after update #3


Dick Bayer

When I updated to update #3 I got a message that I couldn't upgrade my files
because an accountant transfer was in effect. The accountant can't do
anything with the files sent so how do I get access to my data?




Have you tried uninstalling SP3 to see if you can get the control over your
data files? Alternatively, you can launch Accountant View (Start, All
Programs, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office Accounting 2009 Tools,
Accountant View). Then you need to select your company from the list in
Client Task drop down list. Please do this even if you have only one
company otherwise other buttons will be greyed out. Then click on Send
Client Books. then you need to go back into MOA2009 and take control from

Hope this gives you the idea.

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