Unable to add Index (FTSE)


Matthew Bailey

When I goto "Add Investment" and select "Investments to Watch" and
then select "Add Index" it comes back with a blank box to select from.
How do I fix this?

I am using Money 2004 FS.

If I create a new Money file or open the samples.mny file I am able to
see all the index's.

My original money file was created from Quicken back in 1995. I
changed to Microsoft Money in 1999 and since upgraded to Money 2004
last year.

I seem to remember something when I looked into this with Money 99,
but surely this bug has been fixed by Money 2004?





Glyn Simpson, MVP

The indices, as far as i know, are created when the file is converted. So,
the problem has probably just carried through. I wonder whether a quicken
conversion into 2004 would include them or not (i would hope so). I think
the advise is the same as i used to give a few years back - create them as
stocks. It sucks, i know.

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