Unable to add users (any)


John SBA

I am using SBS2003sp1 and installed SBA on it. Installed Outllook 2003 and
BCM 1st and all the updates including the fix for the server to allow the BCM
to work. Then installed SBA and all updates using the install whitepaper
2/2006 v2.

I have the folder, security grop all setup as outlined.

I am at the create SBA users inside the SBA program. It gives me the finger
and says "Windows user or group not found." So I search helps for that term
and draw a big zero.

the obivious thing is to retrace the setup steps...done. No change.

So do be more clear:
From the file menu inside SBA I choose file.
Then choose Multi-User Settings.
Enable Multi-User is selected
Add/Remove Button is selected
A User is located and added
then it reports "Windows user or group not found."

I checked and all the correct users are listed in the Security Group.

Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.



John SBA

Hello Chris,
thanks for your reply.

As I state in the post I am using that white paper and as I stated there is
no other information from other users available using search functions
(besides mine). I am using the exact error message (which youi might have
noticed is pretty vague).

I feel this is a question that relates to the function of SBA. I am using
SBA to add the SBA users in SBA...or trying. The server is/was setup.

That was the purpose of the post to ask the question why I am unable to add
users? Did I supply to much information? Didi I post in the wrong place?

Please advise!

Nigel A

This wasted hours of my time too. The add users dialogue defaults the domain
to the Server Name as the domain not your SBS domain. You need to change the
domain in Add Users to your SBS name and then add your users. It is not
immediately obvious and if you think about it makes sense in the context of
a Windows XP install, but MS should make it clear in the SBS whitepaper
which does quite a good job otherwise. If you still have problems email me
at support at jackson-delaney.com and I'll send you some screen shots to
show you what I mean.




Josh Lee

Hi John,

Due to the potential troubleshooting steps required to identify your
issue, would you please contact our Support team at
1-866-827-1619 or 1-800-Microsoft (642-7676) opt. 2,1,,1 if you are still
experiencing this issue.

Thank you,
SBA Support

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.


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