Unable to invoke Add-in



I am new to RMS. I am testing to invoke an add-in and have done the
following steps listed in RMS1.3 customization guide.
To add an add-in to the registry:

1-Ensure that the add-in is registered on the local computer. (although i
have developed the add-in on the same mechine where RMS is installed and
PSO is runing, yet i registered the dll using regasm.exe shipped with .net
framework 2.0 .

2-Increment the value of the Count entry of the
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftRetail Management SystemStore
OperationsHooks subkey by one.

3-Edit the values of the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftRetail
Management SystemStore OperationsHooksNumber subkey entries (where Number
is the number of the first unused hook, between 000 and 029) with the
following required information.

i) HookType: Enter the number of the hook type that will activate the
add-in. For more information, see Hook Types in this topic.

ii) ObjectName: Enter the name of your DLL and the name of the class that
contains the entry point function, separated by a period. For example, if
the name of your DLL is MyDLL and the name of the class that contains the
Process function is MyClass, the object name is "MyDLL.MyClass".

iii)Parameter: Enter the number of the parameter required by the specified
hook type. The available parameters are listed in the following table.

The add in is created using C# class liberary project with dotnet3.5.
I tried to invoke my test add in through various hooks like additem,
tenderbegin, PSOstart but add-in failed to execute. Rather after the
execution of the hook, the hook value i edited is reset back to 0 and the
information i enetered to invoke add-in is replaced with 0.
When i try to invoke the add-in through POS customize buttons, i get the
error 'Attempt to execute COM object 'Test.myclass' failed.Could not
create object.'

What is the reason of failing to invoke the add in by both pos button and
hook Please help me.

Thanks in advance

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Alia, check my other reply.
First, you don't have a registration problem, .net does that just fine.
Also you don't need a tlb file.

Try something very simple, to test passing the session object properly and
you are compiling properly.
Make sure you exclude all unnecessary files in your project, and don't
install any local references except .net.
Good luck!




i know this is a messege but i only want to see the itunes xx

thanks love from tc

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