Unable to Open Files


Alec Bowman

I have UK version of Quicken 2000. Have upgraded the OS to Windows XP and
find that I cannot open any of my archived files from previous years.

Had absolutely useless "support" from Intuit. Was told that Quicken 2000
was not compatible with Windows XP so upgraded to Quicken XG.

Still couldn't open files. Tried to Validate files but couldn't as Validate
must use same version as originally used. So re-installed Quicken 2000.
Managed to validate all files except 1999 - 2000 (Year 2000 problem??).
Managed to open files OK at the time, but when I went back a few minutes
later, I was back to square one, unable to open the files again.

Any ideas? Also I believe that when re-installing Quicken 2000, there
should have been a SW download available (can't find anything on Intuit's
website for this).

Many thanks



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