Unable to open money file (2002)



When I start money 2002 it starts to process data and then crashes
prompting to send a note to microsoft.

I have traced this to a my monthly payslip - if I set the date to the
day before it is due to be processed Money starts OK. If I delete the
entry and reset the date is fine.

I have repaired the file and no errors reported and problem will
reoccur if I set up again.

I have possible reason - I would like your views.

Within the payslip, I have a transfer to an employee stock scheme. The
target account exists, however it is a US$ based account. Could this
be the reason ?

I say this, because when I transfer manually, a dialog pops up
confirming the currency conversion data. It will not be able to do
this when Money is starting up and processing this automatically.



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