Unable to use Passport - cannot verify



Using MS Money 2005 Standard.

Needed to change all passwords. Went to each vendor/institution website and
changed pw. Went to passport.com and changed pw for user ID. Accepted it
just fine, have reopened IE, returned to passport.com and was allowed to log
in using new pw.

I signed into this newsgroup using new pw. However, MS Money would not allow
me to use new pw with passport sign in. I restored my backup from yesterday,
signed in offline. Went to file/pwmanager and "removed" passport. Closed

Reopened Money w/no password. Went back to file/pwmanager. Chose - 'use
existing passport'. Entered existing userID and new passport pw. No luck.
message states-"Your sign in information could not be verified. Please try
again later". I have tried off and on x 24 hrs.

I can always use Money w/o passport password protection. But I'd rather
not. I want it to work the way it's supposed to.

PS - I already tried "To register the Msxml3.dll file, click Start, click
Run, type regsvr32 Msxml3.dll, and then click OK." Also already cleared
cache and cookies. Still no luck.



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