Unrealized Gain/Loss on Revaluation -Simply Accounting-Canada



In Canada with some US$ sales. Simply Accounting tracks all the exchange
rates. US$ account is OK but Simply displays what it thinks is $ value
Canadian on the balance sheet... totally whacked of course.

When I revalue before displaying the balance sheet it displays the US$
amount at current exchange rates in Canadian funds and is correct. In order
to do this it throws a $270 loss in the equity section calling it
"Unrealized Gain/Loss on Revaluation".

I suspect if it was a positive amount the TaxMan would want his share.
Anyway how do I get this off the balance sheet? I can't access that account
to put it in an expense account... at least I've not figured it out yet.
Can't credit the US$ account as that would throw it out to lunch.

Anybody know what to do about this?


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