Unused and old items to Inactive


Greg [DRS]

Here's how you can clean up your item database for the new year -- for free.

If you'd like to mark all your old and discontinued items as inactive, we
offer a tool that does this for you in batch mode (works with HQ too).
Download our RMS Toolkit 30 day trial:
Run the installer and check off DRS Tools.
Connect to your database and select Maintenance, Mark Inactive.
Press F5 to view all inactive items or select by supplier, dept/category, or
item type.
The default list will show all items with ZERO ON HAND and NO ACTIVITY
since one year ago. If you'd like to see more candidates, change the Since
date to a more recent date.
You can select items or mark all items at once. Click Save to update the
item records.
You can also use this tool to quickly view Inactive items and
return selected items to active status. Or remove matrix class items (M
codes) when all component items in the matrix are marked Inactive.

All our add-ins run for 30 days without a registration key.
For purchasing information, contact your RMS reseller.

Digital Retail Solutions


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