Update Retail Management System to be Unicode enabled


Kevin Fisher

I have a multi-lingual environment that could benefit from the advantages and
reports of implementing RMS, but the lack of displaying an alternate language
really holds the product back. Hopefully this is on deck for v 2.0. Or at
least make an exception case for the description/ext. description and
sub-description fields. Thanks!

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Sam Merfi

Yeah, it is time we know how to print English and Arabic characters on our
items labels. We have an international grocery store and we sell imported
groceries to non-English reading people, e.g. old immigrant couples, etc.
Icould do this on the Arabic version of Windows XP Prof in MS Access (also
Arabic version) but cannot do it in RMS.

Guess what, now I am getting Spanish and Yoguslav customers and I would like
to print the item description on the Labels in 2 languages, say,
English/Arabic for Arabic items, English/Spanish for Latin customers, and
English/Yoguslav for, you know who by now!

Please vote for adding this multilingual feature to RMS. We, and most
importanly our immigrant grandparent will thank/gracias/shoukrun/cwala all of
you for voting for the addition of this feature to RMS.


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