upg from PT 2002 to PT 2005


Blair Wilson


I am currently using PT 2K2. I am thinking about upgrading to PT 2K5. Are
there any major improvements? Is PT 2K5 stable? What is the best way to
upgrade, so that I do not lose any current data.

I currently have PT running on a W2K server ant two workstations. ANY/ALL
suggestions are welcomed. As always, thanks in advance.





We will probably upgrade from PCW2004 based on the UPS integration and
auto-creation of purchase orders based on sales orders and inventory
levels. When we went from v8 to 2004, we had conversion problems.
Conversion can be nasty if you don't upgrade each year they say. We
ended up sending our data to Best and they converted it for us. We are
under a support contract so it was free, but they do charge for the
service if you don't have a contract.

I would say BACKUP and try it. There's always the 30 money-back
guarantee (i think) if you can't get it to convert on your own and you
don't want to buy the support to get it going.

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