upgrade from QB 99



We have been using QB 99 for years for a small (3 employees) sub-s
corp on a Windows 98SE PC. QB99 is, of course, way beyond its EOL date.
No matter -- we do our own payroll using a rather complicated Excel
spreadsheet, and then manually entering the payroll data. We also use
CheckMagic to print checks (works great, BTW). Mostly we use the IRS
fill-in forms for 941 and 940, and use social security online to
produce W2/W3 forms/reports. Lately we have given some consideration to
upgrading to QB 2006 Pro. Here are a couple of questions for you
knowledgeable users:

1. The requirements for QB 2006 Pro say Windows 2000/XP, so I assume it
won't run on Win 98 SE. We have some XP machines and could run it
there. Will QB 2006 easily import the QB 99 data (basically the company

2. Do you still get a free one year subscription to tax tables as you
did with earlier versions of QB?

3. Any reason to stick with our admittedly outdated methods, which I
must say works fairly well and serves our purposes?

Thanks in advance,


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